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By ireneharris · February 27, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

shifted to http://philophobicbxtch.tumblr.com/

can you not burst my happy bubble? ty.

By ireneharris · February 20, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

i kept procrastinating time for me to revise phy and chem for my upcoming common tests. die. e whole day ive been tweeting and flooding my girls's inbox. shall hear them scream out then. so yah im not into onsugar that much nowadays. if you wanna see me curse, find my twitter. ive been cursing people in it. L O L. kidding.. shall take a sip of my coffee now. xoxo.

double up double up

By ireneharris · February 18, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

0930 got my fave show but i already promised isma i'll meet her at mart. now mart ah.. must think twice.. ok i dont give a fuck to whoever's around me. i know i wanna meet isma only. HA HA. fyka made me go TMALL/TAMP 1/CENTURY SQ since ystdy just to get her a sexy sport shoe !! first thing is.. she knew i hated going arnd with sch uni and even worst.. it was after handball justnow tht we went to tmall to get her food -.-'' lucky you made the i-love-you face if not i wont come along.. hehe..

common test nextwk. i think imma cancel all my plans for this week.. I THINK.. that depends if i feel like studying or not.. and at this point of time.. i really dontknow what to post about.

OHYA. since hate is a strong word.. so imma dislike.. i dislike you. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. does tht rings a bell? eh cb siah i now have to do smthg then have to catchup a lil for my maths then when am i meeting isma !! ok xoxo.


By ireneharris · February 14, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

gobsmaked. but you know im cool abt it. sigghhhhhhhh

*bitchy laughs*

By ireneharris · February 12, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

sorry if my english sucks to the core,okay-okay,i got to tell something very important please take note.
  • if at school i don't smile to you or looks towards your direction it means i hate you .
  • And if i show some mother fucking wannabe minahrep attitude to you means i dislike you and hate you .
  • if your saying afiqahh sombong,its because i'm not interested to layan you stupid shits anymore(igotalife)
  • and if i show fucking attiude at purple plate it means i HATE ALL OF YOU WHO BUY FOR THEIR FRIENDS AND TOOK UP ALL OF OUR TIME ,DID YOU KNOW THIS WEEK AND LAST WEEK I NEVER GET TO EAT PURPLE PLATE,GIVE A CHANCE TO THE YOUNGER ONES UHHH,SATU HARI TK MAKAN PURPLE PLATE THAK SAH EH?so if i buy for my friends don't balme me,cos i learned it form all of you THAT IS OLDER THEN ME!(not trying to pick a fight here,stating facts)I SWEAR I AHTE MOST OF YOU!
  • if i dont talk to you anymore means i'm avoiding you .

(COPYRIGHTED FROM FYKA'S. MIND HER SPELLING ERRORS. HAHA SO CUTE && ITS SO TRUEEEE) i bet she's too screwed up while typing those..


take a leap leaaaap leaaaaaaaaaap

By ireneharris · February 10, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I punye new skin colour :(

school's been sick. i registered nothing but shits into my head.. today's handball sucks. had to run e whole reservoir i tell you. IT WAS MY FIRST TIME OKAY. i havent been turning up for x country =P that tells you why its my first time running around e whole reservoir.. i was e only one retard laughing so hard and i really thot darwisma will join me but she was out of breath at tht moment lol. read read read

mr kumar picked up a twig from e grass.. and he friggin dig his ear with it..

me: whats with tht twig?

mr kumar: oh im enjoying myself digging my ear..

me: ure the most disgusting teacher i knew..

mr kumar: sssshhh im digging my ear so please dont disturb me..

next moment,

US : cher when sia wanna go back to schl??

mr kumar: after im done wit this. there's something in my ear... OH I THINK ITS E THING BROKE INTO MY EAR!!

HAHAHA GROSS. and he carried e twig all around, scratching his legs with it.. freakin disgusting... okay me and fyka got something on tmrw ^^ hehehe.... gonna study now for chem and poa's test tmrw. deady dead dead.. now i feel like deleting my blog.. still considering. xoxo.

uhhhh hmmmmmm......

By ireneharris · February 4, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

i seriously didnt expect you will talk to me in tht kind of manner. but really, WTV!! now im currently creating a twitter.. cos i think its kindda nice.. after i saw fyka twitter-ing. LOL ya i know how pathetic. people kept saying i got tanned aftr i joined handball. ya thankyou i guess i need to get more sunblocks now!! if only my skincolour will turnout like bangla's.. swear i'll stay up home for mths!! it will KILL me to have dark skincolour !! i now really hav to juggle schl and handball.

im only impressed with my poa and ss test results.. tmrw's physics.. mrs jackie chan promised the top 3 students will get to visit body world !! I DIE DIE WANT TO GO!! physics.. here i come!! lol lol prayhard lah ni >.< i love this..... ''DOING YOUR MUM.. DOING UR MUM...'' darwisma taught me that!!! i fancy some sec 1 boys.. alamak so cute!!i can recall one. WANKECIK. lol e name sounds so fiercee.

ive got alot to post but i think i wont post any. and i know im always here to post random posts.. HA HA. ok now........ my tummy's rumbling.....


By ireneharris · January 31, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

onsugar's been a hell. see, im back to sq one. chibs. i mal alrdy so wait till im up for my next update ok. ive deleted tagged btw.

dont seem to lack of anyth

By ireneharris · January 26, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

it's boiling hot, im positively melting and in this heat i have to walk everywhr !! im so touched when people around me approached and comfort me in all kinds of ways.. so touching nak mampos you know.. and they'll create their own statistics -.-'' statistics of.... having r/s.. ya its so out of point thts e thing. yesterday we had PT.. PT HELL !! tiring + aching + dehydrating = fatigue. and now my whole body's aching. cb for so long nv exercise.. FLAT TUMMY ALL THE WAY ALL THE WAY !!

this whole week, there's alot and alot of tests coming up.. it means.. more revisions.. more revisions.. more revisions.. thats if my brain's not weary.. from today onwards, am bringing packets of sandwiches to school. i cant have my meals in schl from now on.. diet ah like tht =P my schlgirls will keep hold of my phone everytime in schl so i wont be checking my phone every 5 seconds.. for some reasons.. pfft ok xoxo


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ive got alot to post but i suddenly forgot what to update abt. how?

i must prayhard tht my skin colour wont turn dark cos im having handball practices ald.. plus i must pray even harder than i will control my meals now. my PE teacher inspired me with few of his tips on how to burn fats.. yay yay .. but now my fridge's full of chocs.. and i'll be munching on it every night.. POA lessons were all so dry which causes me to fall asleep everytime in class.. heaven.

ya la ya nowadays ive been busy with schl + my beauty sleep. so dont bother asking why i suddenly mia bla bla bla.. girls, we've made a commitment. WHOEVER BREAK THE PROMISE, ..... better treat me mcspicy. only me ah.. HAHA. and if i dont reply you means i malas wanna layan you. (this applies to both genders la gundu) cos some creatures are getting on my nerves.. REALLY on my nerves..

wait till my next update.. which will be in 82374823 years time. xoxo

goodbye birthday :(

By ireneharris · January 17, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

hi there's another pimple growinn on e other side of my forehead. one after another. pfffffft if only i can cocok my pimple using forks. i really mean FORKS!! thanks peeps for ystdy and today. i wont be telling bits and pieces bout my birthday so yah.. im actually stealing time for me to finish up the whole pile of my homeworks.. my brain aint functioning anws. i die die die one..

i almost forgotten, HAPPY ADVANCE BIRTHDAY TO ZAKIAH AND DIYANA ! <3  take that! so bigggggg. xoxo

happpyyyyy birthdaaaaay ireneeeeeee xoxo for me !!!

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you can talk all you want but my skin is really thick

By ireneharris · January 15, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

just accept the fact that i hated you and your circle of friends so much. wait. when i thought back, its always been you and your clans that i have an issue with.. so boring la like this.. love picking on my friends cos you think they cant do anything? we'll see la ok, MIRA TAHIR. SATISFIED ANYONE? i shall leave this bloody post permanently.. so kental wanna sound diyana also must talk talk talk only like one sapalak but ended up, ....... dowanna say anyth la hor. ha ha see you in schl hunny. may you and your clans stare me up and down again ok ok ok. IM SO ATTRACTIVE THATS WHY YOU GUYS DID THT. silly -.-

miss me more ok

By ireneharris · January 12, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

ill start straight away. i bet this will be kindda short post. am leaving for bali ald tmrw.. (good) afiqah will be quiet for these 2 days. i hate mr fahizal. i got blowups from him for my continuous chatter with linus. and he's so gonna minus e stupid merit points thingy.. so saddy.. soon i'll continue with my revisions since ystdy i didnt do any. i did la but nothing got into my mind so might as well i sleep. righttttt. guess that'll be all for now? xoxo



By ireneharris · January 11, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

if only onsugar can be privatised i would have done it long ago. i hate it when i bloghopped to e same bitch's bloggy and found all e topics she posted about were all related to mine. even worst, words and phrases exactly e same. curse you hard for that.. i wont be elaborating much what have i been up to these days. its always e same old routines i did. but yes yes yes im still sticking with what im supposed to do. revise revise revise.. so much of a revision. ya SO MUCH OF IT-.-

epul didnt meet me today!! after i got home then he gave me a call and left me a text. ''Sorry! was damn excited upon getting results. sorry to make you wait. will treat you ok.. sorry!'' HAHAHA. congrats btw!! OHYA do you know that now people mistaken me as a chindian girl?!?!?!?!?! BECAUSE OF A PIMPLE STUCKING IN E MIDDLE OF MY FOREHEAD. IN E MIDDLE !! LEMME REPEAT THAT FOR E THIRD TIME, IN E MIDDLE !! si beh ugly lor.. isma have been taking photos and videos of my heeeyuge pimple and she's been laughing hard upon seeing them. URGH!! every night my job is to remind my fellow classmate shahrizal what lessons we're having e next day and if thr's any homeworks to be completed !! lazy fucker.

for now, i feel like burying my head in e blankets to stop myself thinking about IT. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

so mundane, so dull. what else can i describe for now? i really mean NOWWWW

By ireneharris · January 7, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

atlast i metup with isma after i drank a can of redbull and a cup of coffee which would not work :P i tend to sleep everyday after schl. blame schl for everything !! and e good thing is, thr's no need for mummy to scream across the whole house just to get me out of bed. i can do it myself, automatically W/O anyone bugging me to !! GREAT ACHIEVEMENT LA IM PROUD OF MYSELF OFCOURSE just for once!!

what a day today !! tooo-daaaay !!

By ireneharris · January 7, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

what did i mentioned in my prev post?? hahaha i didnt meet isma again for like e third time as i was asleep. fourth day of schl is e best i see. jackie chan have been so sarcastic to me!!

mrs jackie chan : during sec 1, what did all of u use in chap 1?

linus: vernier calipers.. measuring tape..

ken: weighing scale..

nicholas : ruler..

me : PENCIL !!

jackie chan gave me i'll-deal-with-you-later look. thats when i looked down on my table not daring to speak anymore but i did and everyone was laughing by then. read on..

me : why leh? use pencil to draw la.... (though its common sense i still contributed an answr =P)

jackie chan : well, if thts e case, i think irene measured pencil in between her vernier calipers and thats whr she got her answers from.. right irene? thts wht u mean??

i ignored.. my face eventually turned apple red.. so paiseh.. lol lol lol silly me.

ok one more story. was at e bus stop with binay and ahmad hussein when mr zaid came... walking with his huge bagpack on his back..

me : what did u do to ur hair?

mr zaid : well.. its because of e chemical explosion you know in sci lab. *and he showed how the chemical exploded + sound effects*

me : *laughs*

mr zaid : not really nice right?

me : so u expect a compliment from me?

mr zaid : well ya i guess..

me : ya la i complimented u on e first day ald what..

mr zaid : you did?

ok wtv the motive of this conver is about the stupid chemical explosion thingy. sucha great story he made up in less than 5 seconds. fantastic ah you cher. ha ha ha! so damaians thts e secret to have a superhipcool hairstyle. lets try !!

must now get ready to meet isma if not kena fuck :(

will be backbackback

By ireneharris · January 6, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

i enjoyed schl for today. so much so much so much. now im waiting for ismamok to get home.. better get home fast before i sleep again.. talking abt sch rite.. i now realised all e female teachers takin for my class are so gorgeous leh. eh eh eh !! especially ms foo. like ms wong aldddd.. i'll love their lessons more. must have pretty faces and goodlooking teachers so ill pay attention more LOL. btw ms claire reminds me of ADELINE !! i kindda miss u la walao !! damaians if u realise right mr zaid sat at hm for goodness sake 3 mths just to think of wht to do with his hair.. no more belah nonok.. hansum ald :D

wassup with my post all abt teachers one !! ok last. ahmad hussein looks more like a rapist with his new haircut =P ah tease me more la rapist.

today got alot of work to be done.. supposed to be a group work but ended up im doing it alone !! tht one nvm.. must do for hassan cos he's going to idk whr i forgot.. DOUBLE KILL man !! xoxo


this is a random post

By ireneharris · January 5, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

two of my classmates are chi-indo people. and and chi-indo people are kindda hot too. like koreans !!random right i know. but i got to interview them justnow =P extra fun to have foreign friends when they were just posted to my sch.. second day of sch we need to write a god damn long essay.. nvm anything for eng !! tomorrow sch ends late, need to bring alotalotalot of books, and i bet i'll be sleeping in class tmrw......... today i brought one whole pile of books but then nv study lor except eng. waste my effort :( there's alot of cute blobby sec ones lor.. i like i like !! i kept thinking im still in sec 2.. saddy saddy

am still planning wht to do for my birthday.. o.0

have u wasted alot of time just to read this shit post of mine?

now i kindda luv pixie lott

By ireneharris · January 4, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

im feeling so lethargic now la.. i swallowed some drowsy medications to stop my flu + to let me have my good night !! first day of school wasnt so fun la. but i just love the new peepos in my class.. woowoo~  i extra semangat la today woke up so early but i still left homey  a lil later than usual.even worst i semangat2 bring few books( i mean workbooks!!) to schl butthen most of my classmates brought themselves to schl only !! cheebai nye. and guess wht ms sahira said tmrw my class will be starting our lessons.. die die die. now i miss naz darwisma piyah.

without darwisma in ma class = no one will motivate me to study more !! lol im a lil excited cos ill be getting my ic soon :P but still am not legal for anything. useless. ya la ya la later spammers will come and say ''ni budak kecik bru nak dpt ic pe..'' , '' kau budak baru nak naik la..'' you know those kind of shits? ah ya thts what i meant.

teha teha ~

By ireneharris · January 2, 2010 · 0 Comments ·


ive set up few resolutions for myself right? see. i still went out late night and got back home at e peek of dawn. photo taken at chalet earlier on. i cant wait for schl tmrw !! and guess what leh.. JACKIE CHAN's takin my class for physics!! so it means, there's no way i can clip up my hair or whatsoever. if not she'll go like, ''you think youre going to club issit with ur hair like tht? now tie up everything!!'' so bad la you chan.

and by today must dye back black, must remove my polished nails :( leceh ok. but nvm, anything for schl !


By ireneharris · January 1, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

i met these freakos early in e morning since i cant turn in. at arnd 1pm or 2 i have to send granny to doct. thats if i could wake up... but i surely can if my mum were to blabber much...................... ohyea going to bali to celebrate my bday in adv !! mc's for school~ woowoo!! and mummy promised me to get me ...... will only be revealed once i got it k? it'll cost her much just to get me tht silly thang..

say hi to 2010

By ireneharris · January 1, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

There'll be nomore countdowning at tanjong beach ok. e drunk girls next time go counquer the whole tanjong beach and dance all you want. you can even hit the person beside you all you want. fucker hit hit hit. at another point someone destroyed my mood. thank you la.. next time i will go and meet some guys and leave my friend behind can? -.-''


see me change la babi

By ireneharris · December 30, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

I've made it through another year and i'll ride this one out.. i already had enough intrigue in 2009. and this is so REAL. fuck you fuckfuckfuck you 2009. remember i did mentioned i have new resolutions for e upcoming year? yeah.. may everything remains tranquil.. you guy's wont see me going out always by nextyr (hopefully) cos this time i really wanna give my fullest attention to my studies.. ok not fully but partly. you know right im aiming for jc jc jc jc jc. so that i can get into uni and get my bars to be a lawyer like my sissy. pray hard lah all these would work... say no to gruesome-tomorrow hor. i want it to turn out real well. if not... i'll take back all my words !! MUAHAHHAA ok wtv.

party hard tomorrow eh? go die. i want dewi to grind me. cos she's the first and e only person who grind-ed me. hahahaha never will i let guys do so.. guys sick in e head !! AND LIKE FINALLY I SPARED A DAY FOR DANNY AND OTHERS.. MEETING THEM TMRWWWWWWWWWWW ~ ok xoxo

this was bad

By ireneharris · December 29, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Look at my dadi and sissy. ho ho. had another holiday to kl and malacca again.. for some reasons, to tidy up my malacca homey & bought lace cloth for my uncle's upcoming wedding. as you see, my sis and i are so picky when comes to things like this. it'll take us forever to have a prefect one which we finally found. sorry if ive not been updating much hor. and yeah, i wonder if any GIRLS would like to copy paste any of my phrases or words or wtv from any of my posts like 'that' hooker did. i can only recall i called one girl, a hooker. go figure it out la ok. copy as much as u want -.-''

i now have the desire to kill people. he he joking joking. whoa 1130pm ald and im still stucked here. iqsan and dewi kept calling me to come down fast. suddenly im so lazy leh =P till my next update.. xoxo

Your Honey Bxtch,

Irene Harris. Fifteen and am capable of handling everything. Im a pain, im a hard-ass. I'll pen down my thoughts here. Before judging me ,inspect yourself first please beautiful humans.

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